Simple guide on How to get better aim in any FPS game

Regardless of what first-person shooter(FPS) you’re playing, aiming is a fundamental skill you must be proficient in. While hardware(keyboard and mouse) and the configuration play certain parts, your aiming skill is the most fundamental element that determines your success in the game. While some players can develop their skills naturally through the gameplay, others or even most players just get stuck and keep defeating.

If you’re one of those players, you might have been experiencing unsolvable obstacles on How to get better aim and in taking down your targets. From shooting moving targets or the ones exactly behind you, many difficulties that players hardly deal with. Without proper training, you can be clueless about how to develop corresponding shooting skills. Before we get started make sure to check out our guide on Best 3d FPS aim trainer

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Train Your Aim with Kovaak

Fortunately, you can now use Kovaaks which is an FPS 3d aim trainer platform to shape your skill. It offers multiple scenarios that allow you to develop FPS aiming skills more effectively than demos or even the gameplay. Whether you’re playing Overwatch, Valorant, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, or other FPS games, Kovaaks would be a good training platform for you.

There are actually thousands of scenarios in kovaak aim trainer but we’ve highlighted some scenarios you can pay and benefit from for your skill development. You can set these scenarios as your training routines.  While different scenarios are required once you get more skilled, the ones listed below are good points you can start with.

Revolving Tracking

Tracking a target could be one of the major challenges in FPS games. Revolve tracking is the basic skill you must possess for long-distance engagements. It allows you to keep tracking the opponents whilst revolving. Kovaaks actually have various scenarios about How to get better aim in fortnite that would enhance your revolving tracking capability in different ways. Always play the standard and invincible version to have better possession of this particular skill.

Tile Frenzy

Tile Frenzy is Kovaak’s basic scenario that helps you to train your aim responsiveness towards moving target on your sight at the relatively close proximity. The scenario involves tiles popping out randomly in different sections and you need to aim and shoot them responsively. You can incrementally increase the pace to develop more responsive shooting.

Thin Gauntlet

The Thin Gauntlet scenario involves thin objects moving around. It’s another tracking training but more specifically designed to aim a thin object on medium and long proximity. It would improve your aim accuracy while keeping track of the linearly random movements of the object. This scenario also particularly helps you accurately aim moving targets in longer targets.

Ground Plaza

Ground Plaza is a group of scenarios where you aim zigzag or fastly left-right sliding objects. As you might have known, these are typical movements in the gameplay to disorient shooters that make them harder targets to shoot. Kovaak has different types of Ground Plaza Invincible scenarios that have various movements and distances. This aim training allows you to keep tracking the targets in such movements and make good shots.

Bounce Tracking

Another disorienting movement in FPS games is where targets jump or bounce around with different orientations. Is it very hard to shoot them? Yes and that’s exactly what the movements are for. Kovaak has so-called bounce tracking that resembles those particular situations. The scenario gameplay involves bouncing balls to random or predicted directions. What you need to do is track the ball wherever it goes with your crosshair. Like other scenarios, there are variants of the Bounce Tracking scenario that you can play in Kovaak.

Close Fast Strafes

Another difficult scenario in the FPS gameplay is when you have to engage with an opponent closely and tactically. At this point, you’d need to perform effective close fast strafes to dissolve the engagements. With a rifle in your hand, it’s almost a certain death for you if the opponents are using close-ranged guns. Kovaaks have various fast strafes scenarios that you can take into your training routines.

Air Invincible

Air Invincible is a scenario that would help you enhance your overall tracking across a full range of motion. You can basically use this scenario to practice a full or all-direction 360 tracking without any flicking. In the gameplay, you’d need to track targets above the building or below your position. With Air invincible training, not only that you can improve overall tracking but it also enhances your overall awareness as well.  

Air Dodge

Air Dodge is a more dynamic training scenario than air invincible. Instead of steadily settling in one spot, air dodge requires you keep moving back and forth as the ball targets aggressively coming to you. This resembles the dynamics of a close-range gunfight where you need to tactically keep distance and get a better aiming position in a fast-paced whilst dodging damaging hits.

Lgc3 Reborn

Lgc3 Reborn is a superb speed training drill scenario that is very popular in the kovaak aim trainer platform. It helps you to improve your tracking ability whilst moving in fast-paced movement. This would enhance your responsiveness towards approaching opponents that want to trap you in close engagement as they’re using weapons for the range. Practice this scenario and you can deal with this deathly, tricky situation.

Kovaak Configuration

Despite the variants, scenarios in Kovaak fps aim trainer are actually configurable from the main setting. You can actually set the sensitivity, FOV, Frame Per Second(FPS), sensitivity. As for FOV and sensitivity, you can even determine the measurement based on the particular game whether it’s Overwatch, Valorant, Apex Legend and so forth. You can even combine them, for example, the sensitivity scale is set to Overwatch while FOV measurements are set to Apex legends

This way, you can resemble challenges in the gameplay or even simulate them more extremely. Both variable and configurable training scenarios make Kovaaks a universal platform to train your aiming skills. After training your aims in Kovaak, you’d see improvements soon in the real gameplay. Don’t hesitate to explore Kovaak’s library that contains thousands of different scenarios.

More importantly, you should be committed to the training routines you’ve set. Set the milestones of your training routines with different sets of scenarios in Kovaak. Generally speaking, training would be ideal if you set 10 minutes for each session that plays one scenario. This way, you can have a good spread of training routines and you’d notice the result soon enough.

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